The Half Windsor

The Half Windsor is similar to the Full Windsor although slightly less bulky, and easier to do.
It is ideal for lightweight or not too thick fabrics. This elegant triangular knot works well with shirts with a classic collar or an open-collar.

The Half Windsor
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Preparation: Place the tie around your neck. Medium-sized men should start with the narrow end well below the belt.

Tying the Half Windsor in 4 steps:
Step 1: Lay the wide end over the narrow end. Hold this layover and make a second turn around the narrow end just above the first.
Step 2: Take the wide end horizontally behind the layover and bring it forward.
Step 3: Hold the layover, take the wide end up under the layover and slide it down through the loop.
Step 4: Hold the narrow end and pull gently on the wide end to form the knot. When finished, the narrow end should be concealed behind the wide end, which should be level with your belt.

Video of the Half WindsorVideo of the Half Windsor

The Half Windsor in a few words:
Name: Half Windsor
Difficulty: **
Popularity: ***
Morphology: nearly all sizes.
Types of collar: classic, wide-spaced.
Types of tie: standard, lightweight and not too thick fabrics.